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Lemon and Lime Possets

made with clotted cream and lemon curd.

jams'n'pans lemon lime posset lemon curd clotted cream


A Posset is a delightful old fashioned word for a cooked cream dessert..

This is such a simple dish to make, also elegant, delicious, and a perfect choice for so many occasions. .As it is cream,sugar and citrus juice it is so simple to make. I made mine with a twist and used English Clotted cream and Double..( Heavy)  .Double cream can also be used on its is also  a very rich dish and a small serving will suffice.. when the cream had cooled I twirled through some Homemade lemon curd, which gave it an additional hit of citrus..

Lemon & Lime Clotted cream Posset, with Lemon curd.

600ml Cream..  I used one pot of clotted cream and combined with double cream to make the total amount..Just double cream can also be used.
150g Caster Sugar
I lemon  juice and zest.. unwaxed fruit preferably or scrub fruits well before zesting..
1 lime juice and zest..
2 dessert spoons Lemon curd
In a saucepan , combine the cream and sugar, and bring to  the boil, then simmer for 3 to 4 minutes.. Remove from Heat and add the juices and zests of the lemon and lime.  stir well..Let cool in the pan, and then add the Lemon curd and stir it through..
Pour into small glasses or ramekin type dishes.. leave in fridge for a few hours…I often leave overnight ready for the next day
This is a very rich I suggest small dishes.
A very easy prepare ahead, elegant desert..beautiful on it own or with a little accompaniment of a small madeleine or shortbread or chocolate wafer..something along those lines..
Enjoy and don’t worry about the calories for once..



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Egg & Bacon Pie

This is a lovely Pastry Pie , either for a snack,lunch ,supper or picnic.The fillings can also be added to. I have many times added Black Pudding mushrooms tomatoes etc and called it a Full English Breakfast Pie.. I also enjoy using Lard in my savoury Pastries as I think it gives a really superior result.

This is a real family favourite and often asked to make it.. I hope you enjoy too..

Egg & Bacon Pie

1 lb Plain Flour
4oz butter or margarine
4oz Lard
1 egg to mix
make a short crust pastry, rub fats into flour till resembles bread crumbs..bring to a dough with the egg and perhaps a little water.
Wrap pastry in clingfilm, chill in fridge
Pastry made with half lard and butter is to die for!! …but you can use all butter or marg..
roll out pastry on floured board , for a 8 inch loose bottom tart and bottom circles..
lay pastry in tin and  then put some
Caramelised onion laid at bottom of pie…see recipe for Onion Marmalade with Port & Thyme..
if not use a good quality chutney or relish of your choice..or omit completely.completely [ersonal preference here on this..
, pre cooked bacon about 8 slices & 1 large chopped onion ,cooled, just gently saute the bacon and onion in a tiny amount of
 add some chopped chives,
 and then 5 eggs very lightly beaten just poured on top , pastry lid put on and then baked in the oven
190C/375F/Gas 5.for approx. 45 mins.or a little more…depends on the oven…test for doneness with a skewer

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jams'n'pans bread pudding wrapped new shot.png

Grandad’s Old Fashioned Bread Pudding

This is such a gorgeous recipe for a pudding, hot or cold, or eaten as cake.. It has been in my family for I don’t know how long, we just call it Grandad’s..

Most English people know of Bread Pudding, but it is not widely available, the shop bought versions are just truly awful, sorry to say ! It is also not particularly in fashion nowadays, but whenever I serve is incredibly received with real pleasure, and becomes quite a talking point!

It really is a favourite good old fashioned pudding /cake , comfort food at its very best,taking you for an enjoyable  stroll down memory lane with its fruity, spicy, moist deliciousness ..

It makes use of dry, slightly past its best bread, ,moistened, then pumped full of flavour with dark muscovado sugar, dried fruits with peel and cherries, suet, ( vegetable suet or margarine/butter can be used instead ) mixed spice, marmalade,country eggs..and if you’re feeling indulgent a splash of whisky or Brandy goes well..


approx bread… 3/4 to 1 sliced loaf white bread  …       Soaked bread …in water then water squeezed out and bread mashed down in to a pulp.
8oz   Suet
8oz  Brown sugar…Muscovado dark
 1 1/2 lbMixed dried fruit  ( whatever is your preference. Peel,cherries, apricot,pineapple ,sultanas,raisins etc etc..a good mix.)
I use about 4 teaspoons of   mixed spice…again depends on personal preference.
 2 or 3 big spoon of marmalade
splash of whisky or brandy ( optional )
Eggs to bind. probably about 3 or4 eggs well beaten before adding to mixture,
Mix all ingredients together..its quite’nt worry this is ok. Pour into a well greased dish and bake gently till cooked through. When warm sprinkle granulated white sugar on top.. When cool cut into portions
I use electric oven 150 degrees.. about 45 minutes to 55 minutes..depending on size of cake tin used..

Pork with Orange(blood) and Rosemary

6 Loin Pork Chops     + a little olive oil for browning chops
1/4 pint chicken stock approx
4 Blood Oranges      3 peeled and sliced and 1 juiced
4 small pieces of Fresh Rosemary…
1 dessertspoon Plain Flour
2- 3 dessertspoons Orange Liquer
Tiny sprinkle mild chilli powder..
Mixed herb seasoning to taste..
1 extra orange peeled and section into slices for presentation..optional
Fry gently chops in oil to almost cook through..remove from pan and put aside.
add flour and cook through for a minute…remove from heat and add the juice.stock mix thoroughly to avoid lumps..add all other ingredients and heat though carefully to make your sauce..this is where you judge your amount of liquid to make the right consistency sauce..adjust where necessary.
when thickened replace the pork chops in pan..and let the chops finish cooking in the heat of the sauce.
This is also good with Chicken in place of Pork
A wonderful dish at this time of the year.. January February when the beautiful Blood Oranges are plentiful in the shops , and that touch of citrus really balances out well the richness of the Pork.. a quick and easy meal to put together..
jams'n'pans pork orange rosemary

Traditional English Fruit Christmas Cakes

Yes , its that time of year again.. well it is to decorate the cakes. The cakes themselves were made a few weeks ago and have been *fed* very nicely and regularly with their respective Alcohol beverages.. This years have been Brandy and the second choice of Caribbean flavours, so some nicely enhanced with Dark Rum..

The first stage after them being safely nestled in wrapping and getting merrily drunk is to cover them with marzipan and then topped with Fondant roll out icing..Probably best to leave them a day after each layer.

I moisten the cake with alcohol so that the toppings have a little *glue * to adhere them to the cake..roll out and cover the cake and trim the edges..After the marzipan layer has dried I then brush that with the alcohol ..when I was taught to cover a cake this method was advised as it sterilised the surface also..Lots people use melted jam..but I think if you are keeping the cake for a lengthy time, this can actually ferment ..but each to their own. doesn’t matter if it will be consumed soon.

Then the fun starts as to decorating them.. this can be fun, quirky, traditional..pretty,modern, what ever takes your fancy really..

and here’s the recipes.. a traditional mixed fruit with Brandy..and also an option for a Caribbean twist..with added flavours of mango coconut lime and Rum!!!


Christmas Cakes

Basic cake mix to add to fruit mixes
8 oz (225g) butter softened
8ox ( 225g) dark muscovado brown sugar
1 Tablespoon pomegranate molasses   or a spoon of black treacle if preferred.
2 teaspoons Tamarind Paste.. optional
grated zest of 1 whole orange..  un waxed preferably.
grated zest of 1 whole lemon….   for Caribbean mix use zest of two limes.
5 large range if poss
10 oz Self Raising Flour..    most recipes state plain flour but I always use SR.. helps lighten the mix a little..
1 teaspoon ground allspice  1 teaspoon mixed spice
mix 1
1 kg (2.2lb ) mixed dried fruits
200g dried apricot
31/2 oz ( 100g) mixed peel candied
7 z ( 200g ) glace cherries chopped
7oz (200g ) dried cherries and berries .. a mix of cherries and cranberries
5 oz    ( 150g) almond flakes
10 fl oz ( 300ml) Brandy
plus cherry Brandy and amaretto liquer to taste , a few spoons of each//
Mix 2
Caribbean flavours
1kg ( mixed dried fruits )
200g ( 7oz) dried mango.. the one  I used was infused with lime
3 1/2 oz ( (100g) mixed peel candied
7oz ( 200g ) glace cherries..chopped
2oz (75g ) dried cranberries…chopped
4oz ( 125g) dried apricots … chopped
5oz ( 150g ) dried coconut flakes…….     *** in the basic mix of ceke above..  use grated zest of 2 limes NOt the orange/lemon
10fl oz Dark Rum plus a few spoons
these mixtures make Two six inch cakes
mix the fruit mixes in the respective alcohol mixes..for a day or so so that fruits get nicely softened and plumped..
Oven..gas mark 2 150 c /   or 130 c in a fan oven..
when ready make the cake batter..using the creaming method.. cream butter and sugar together, add eggs a little t at time..with a spoon of flour to stop curdling , incorporate all the flour and spices and mix thoroughly..
then add the fruit mixture and again combine thoroughly
transfer the mix in equal proportions to two tins that have been lined with paper.. I also wrap brown paper around the tin and tie with string to protect from heat..and ensure a gentle bake..
smooth out the top and ensure the mix is level.. put into a preheated oven
Bake for about 3 and a half to 4 hours or until done when testing by inserting a skewer that comes out clean..The doneness test!!!
But do keep an eye on cake throughout fruit cake can easily burn can protect the cake by adding  a small circle of parchment paper on top or foil..
when the cake is done remove from tin and cool on a rack..
when completely cool, wrap in baking parchment or greaseproof and then foil..
Ideally the cake should now be * fed * weekly with your chosen alcohol in the weeks leading up to Christmas..
some methods are using a skewer to poke holes in the cake and pour alcohol in by dribbling over or using a clean syringe , purchased from the chemist and injecting into the cake. a good idea is to turn the cake over and do this from the bottom..
Approaching Christmas and the cake should be nicely mature , and lovely and moist !!
The fun part starts with the decorating, a layer of marzipan..leave a day to slightly dry and harden a little and then a layer of rolled out fondant icing
and then the artistry, and fun begins !!!
Enjoy… and Happy Christmas to all





Pickled Red Cabbage with Orange and Sultanas

jams'n'pans red cabbage orange sultanas

This recipe to me is Christmassy, I always associate it with Boxing Day foods.. It was always a tradition ,growing up in my family to have soups, salads, jacket potatoes  and all the cold cuts with Pickles fact I loved this meal more than the big Christmas feast the day before..I still do and we continue this with my own family.. But of course ,as you know, pickles can be eaten anytime of the year and this is also good with a Traditional English Ploughmans lunch. A good cheddar cheese , bread and pickles,yum!

Its very easy to do, and such a superior taste to the shop bought  Pickles..

1 Red cabbage ..about 2lb in weight. halved cored and shredded.
2 tablespoons salt
1 pint of spiced vinegar …you may need more than this, so do extra ,you can always bottle the spare and use it another time!
use either a commercial pickling spice or use a mixture of your own choice.
heat the spices with vinegar and let cool..
1 large onion thinly sliced.
2oz raisins or sultanas
juice and finely grated zest of 2 large oranges
1 tablespoon brown sugar.
Put shredded cabbage into a non metallic bowl. sprinkle with salt and leave overnight or approx 8 hrs.
Bring the vinegar with its spices and bay leaf to the boil. Remove from heat and let cool.
Rinse cabbage thoroughly, drain and dry. Pack into warm clean sterilised jars.
Put the spiced vinegar,onion ,raisins,orange juice and zest ,sugar into a pan.bring to a boil, then pour over the cabbage shaking the jars gently to make sure it is well distributed.Cover with vinegar proof lids and seal. Boiling water Bath 15 minutes.
Best kept in the fridge after opening.. Enjoy and I hope you love it.
Store in a cool .dark,dry, place for at least one month before eating.
jams'n'pans cabbage 2015
This has a delicious fruity taste and is less harsh than most red pickled cabbage!

Spiced and Fruited Whole Orange Christmas Tea Bread

jams'n'pans whole orange spiced fruited breadYes, its that time of year when thoughts turn to preparations for the upcoming Christmas Holidays.. I’ve been busy making Christmas cakes, Puddings , pickles etc  and getting through quite a lot of dried and citrus fruits.. some times using the zest and others just need the juice..

I like to try and not waste ingredients and it struck me that you can only do so much with juiced orange shells. This reminded me of the cake recipe where a whole orange is used, which by the way is very delicious. I then remembered a vintage cookery book I was given a long while back on Breads ..and sure enough I found an idea for a Bread recipe.

Tweaked and updated..but using a whole orange !!

here we go!!

you will need a 2lb loaf tin..

1lb    (450g) strong white Bread flour

2 teaspoon salt (10ml )

1oz  (25g)   caster sugar   plus one teaspoon to mix with the yeast

15ml dried yeast.. = 1 level tablespoon plus quarter pint ((150ml) warm water at , blood warm thats all..not hot!and that teaspoon sugar.. mix the yeast sugar and water and leave to go frothy..doesn’t take long..

or 1   7gsachet easy blend quick yeast..with water and sugar

1 beaten egg

1 whole orange..minced or chopped finely in a processor

6oz ( 175g) dried fruits..    I used jumbo raisins and cranberries

one and a half teaspoon ground cinnamon

vanilla essence or paste..  to taste


sieve the flour and cinnamon into a bowl, add the salt and the dried fruits, sugar. add the dissolved yeast mix, also the beaten egg and the orange pulp..

mix all together to form a softish may need extra flour or may need to loosen with a little juice..depends on the flour.

Mix in a stand mixer with dough hook until smooth and firm or turn out and knead by hand.

form into a ball and place dough into a lightly oiled bowl cover with cling film and leave in a warm place until dough is doubled in size .

at this point remove dough onto a lightly floured board and knock back and knead for a couple minutes.

Shape dough to fit into a lightly oiled 2lb (990g) loaf tin..

cover tin with some lightly oiled cling film or inside a plastic bag which has been oiled, leave in a warm place till dough rises to the top of the tin..

remove the plastic bag/film and bake in a fairly hot oven 200c ( 400F ) mark 5 for 45 – 50 minutes. Please adjust accordingly for fan ovens.. my oven I can reduce recipe times by about 15 minutes.. just keep a careful eye open..

Cook till well browned and the base sounds hollow do this turn out the bread from tin and tap the bottom of the loaf.

When done turn out onto a cake rack while hot , brush the top of the loaf with a wet pastry brush that’s been dippen in honey or a sugar syrup..or with melted butter..

when cool slice and enjoy, for an extra treat spread with good butter and enjoy some Marmalade or lemon curd !