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Caramelised Sugar Apple and Sultana Pie filling..

I am very keen on canning and preserving..and live in UK..but I do like the American way of preserving foods in jars, jams, etc..I have adopted the use of Water Bath and have always loved preserving lots of high acid food group recipes..such as Chutneys ,sauces, jams, pickles, bottled fruits in syrups , tomatoes, etc..this method is good for making your hard work,  home grown ingredients, time and money more safely preserved and more shelf stable.

I have always loved bottling fruits, and always been envious of a product that i had seen many people use in American Canning groups, a product called clear jel..which helps make a pre -made bottle Pie Filling..To my joy I recently saw it on sale here on Amazon UK, without paying stupid prices, so I promptly ordered a jar..

I had also been given two very full baskets of home grown apples..which i really needed to work I thought a Pie filling was ideal..

I turned to the Ball book Complete Home Preserving..which is a superb mine of information with fab recipes.. Apple Pie Filling..

but i wanted to try an idea that i use a lot when making caramelised apple jam.. I knew that it would work without compromising the safety of the recipe.. as it was changing the method of working with the exisiting recipe’s amount of sugar..and the method..


I  followed the Ball Book of complete Home preserving recipe cups of prepared apple..but i used 11 and 1 cup sultanas soaked in the liquer.. 2 and 3/4 cup sugar…3/4cup clear jel…1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon…1/2 teaspoon nutmeg..vanilla..( my extra ingredient ) Liquid 1& 1/4 cup cold water. .2 &1/2 cup fruit juice..unsweetened. lemon juice for immersing prepared fruit to stop browning..

Now the sugar i heated to high with 2 spoons water to caramelize into a careful not to burn it..take off heat and add water and juice.. this will spit at first so pay put back on heat to simmer and melt down the toffee/Caramel lump..Caramelised Apple pie filling with sultanas and caramel will make a lovely golden syrup..let cool.. Take some of this liquid and then add the clear jel and spice to that to blend thoroughly, add that back to the pan, whisking continually.. and then heat through to thicken.. The apple pieces should be blanched in boiling water for 1 minute and then drained, plus dried fruit Liquer mix and added to the thickened syrup..mix together carefully , now proceed as per usual filling and sealing jars, WB for 25 minutes..

The caramel flavour is to die for !!!l like toffee Apple for adults..heavenly..
Processed my kilner jars jars in a steam canner.






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