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Dairy Free Lemon Curd..

Luscious Lemon..


I have a dear friend who is very seriously allergic to everything Dairy, and as such quite a challenge for her to cope with food wise.. I have been asked to make cakes for her several times..and this is a fabulous recipe that I have researched , the basis is from Patisserie cream,  and we know the French make the most amazing Pattiseries to die for!! to make a great alternative to lemon curd.. and I use it as a cake filling..

When you’re that seriously allergic, eating can become quite a scary challenge, you are relying on the fact that people fully get the seriousness of the problem. The minutest amount of dairy substance or cross contamination can mean a life threatening situation..even with an epi pen it is necessary to get to the hospital with 20 minutes..

Or you may not necessarily be allergic, but have decided not to eat dairy, or been encouraged to reduce your fat intake..for various reasons.. then this is a perfect answer..

It is not for long storage, the same as regular lemon curd, but quite ok to keep in the fridge for a few days.and it is really quite a passable altenative to the real lemon curd. Very creamy and lemony.. a tad of coconut cream , at the end of cooking would also be a possibility to make a little more traditional..

Sooo..   if you able to tolerate lemon juice, sugar, eggs and cornflour , you are good to go. Just a few minutes cooking slowly in a pan and that’s it, very very easy..

Its slightly unusual in that you need to weigh the juice , but the recipe is very exact for amounts, and citrus fruits do vary in weight and size..I put a small bowl on my weighing scales and put it back to zero, add the juice and it works fine.

You could easily change this around to play with different fruits, orange, lime  etc..or even different juices..


Citrus cream for patisserie ~Dairy Free

300g lemon juice,  , 4 eggs plus 4 yolks, 250g caster sugar, 35g cornflour.
This is very similar to lemon Curd, but totally Butter Free..
an idea is to zest the fruits first and then save it..
then cut fruit in half and juice.
put cornflour in small saucepan .Add juices slowly ,mixing thoroughly to avoid lumps. add sugar and whisked eggs and yolks, combine well with a whisk
gently heat through on a low heat ,whisking all the time ,until it thickens and covers the back of a spoon.
when nicely thick, remove from heat and put into super squeaky clean jars , and use clean lids to top the jars with.. let cool.
This recipe makes quite a large amount, it can easily be halved, which would be just about right for a sponge cake filling.

      Dairy Free Lemon Curd


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