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Preserving with Salt

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Flavoured salts

It is now February, and thus the second monthly challenge of a yearly one set by Marisa at also at Facebook

if you want to follow the challenge go to the Facebook page   and also the Hashtag #fijchallenge on Instagram

The February Challenge is preserving foods with Salt..its has been great fun to see what ideas and recipes people came up with.. the results have been fascinating from Gravlax, flavoured salts, sauerkraut, preserved egg yolks, which I have loved to learn about, soup mixes and so on…The challenges are great because they take one out of a safe comfort zone and expose one to looking at new ideas ,which is a great thing. My Grandad used to say if you don’t learn at least one new thing every day, then you’re not living!

I was rather short of time this month to attempt a lengthy preserving project so opted to make a flavoured, or a finishing salt.. I happened to have some Black Garlic in the fridge which is one of my favourite ingredients, so I paired it up with some Black salt, as I thought that would look rather impressive, but it needed a little oomph , so dired some lime peel with rosemary in the oven and then added that.. with Black onion seeds.

I used 1 Black garlic, peeled and finely well as possible because its rather difficult when its so lovely and soft and squidgy added to 1 cup of salt.. The other ingredients are added , and the amount here is down to individual taste and how much you want an ingredient to shine or to meld..just add all together , and use as require, its great on jacket or roast potatoes, vegetables etc..,or a sprinkle on cheese on Toast..use wherever the love leads you…

My second attempt  is certainly not a recipe but a memory of France and good friends..

Dried rosebuds in salt , usually in a grinder , to use at this is dried Petals in Pink Himalayan salt and I used a precious Vintage French jam jar to show it off..

The Challenge for March will be Jellies…



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