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Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4.
I packet of ready made puff pastry
Lay out on a greased tart tin and then just slightly roll up the edges all round, this will make a raised edge..or score the pastry all the way round about half inch in from the edge..
about 1lb pre cooked peeled potatoes..( this is a great dish to do if you plan ahead and make cook extra potatoes.
about half a jar of pesto..or as much as you like..
a good two handfuls of pine nuts..
Grated cheese.. we like a strong cheddar..but to your liking … and as little or as much as you like..
spread the pastry with pesto and ..then add the sliced potatoes over the top in a pleasing arrangement..drizzle with some olive oil..
sprinkle the pine nuts and top with grated cheese..
Place in oven and bake for about 40 minutes till golden brown and bubbly… sprinkle with basil leaves before serving
This makes a super dish for lunch, picnic or a snack..ideal with a salad for summer time eating, but lets be honest its delicious too on a cold day with some warming soup to accompany it.. no rules for when food should be served ..have what you fancy !!


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