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Egg & Bacon Pie

This is a lovely Pastry Pie , either for a snack,lunch ,supper or picnic.The fillings can also be added to. I have many times added Black Pudding mushrooms tomatoes etc and called it a Full English Breakfast Pie.. I also enjoy using Lard in my savoury Pastries as I think it gives a really superior result.

This is a real family favourite and often asked to make it.. I hope you enjoy too..

Egg & Bacon Pie

1 lb Plain Flour
4oz butter or margarine
4oz Lard
1 egg to mix
make a short crust pastry, rub fats into flour till resembles bread crumbs..bring to a dough with the egg and perhaps a little water.
Wrap pastry in clingfilm, chill in fridge
Pastry made with half lard and butter is to die for!! …but you can use all butter or marg..
roll out pastry on floured board , for a 8 inch loose bottom tart and bottom circles..
lay pastry in tin and  then put some
Caramelised onion laid at bottom of pie…see recipe for Onion Marmalade with Port & Thyme..
if not use a good quality chutney or relish of your choice..or omit completely.completely [ersonal preference here on this..
, pre cooked bacon about 8 slices & 1 large chopped onion ,cooled, just gently saute the bacon and onion in a tiny amount of
 add some chopped chives,
 and then 5 eggs very lightly beaten just poured on top , pastry lid put on and then baked in the oven
190C/375F/Gas 5.for approx. 45 mins.or a little more…depends on the oven…test for doneness with a skewer

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