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Pork with Orange(blood) and Rosemary

6 Loin Pork Chops     + a little olive oil for browning chops
1/4 pint chicken stock approx
4 Blood Oranges      3 peeled and sliced and 1 juiced
4 small pieces of Fresh Rosemary…
1 dessertspoon Plain Flour
2- 3 dessertspoons Orange Liquer
Tiny sprinkle mild chilli powder..
Mixed herb seasoning to taste..
1 extra orange peeled and section into slices for presentation..optional
Fry gently chops in oil to almost cook through..remove from pan and put aside.
add flour and cook through for a minute…remove from heat and add the juice.stock mix thoroughly to avoid lumps..add all other ingredients and heat though carefully to make your sauce..this is where you judge your amount of liquid to make the right consistency sauce..adjust where necessary.
when thickened replace the pork chops in pan..and let the chops finish cooking in the heat of the sauce.
This is also good with Chicken in place of Pork
A wonderful dish at this time of the year.. January February when the beautiful Blood Oranges are plentiful in the shops , and that touch of citrus really balances out well the richness of the Pork.. a quick and easy meal to put together..
jams'n'pans pork orange rosemary

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