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Spiced and Fruited Whole Orange Christmas Tea Bread

jams'n'pans whole orange spiced fruited breadYes, its that time of year when thoughts turn to preparations for the upcoming Christmas Holidays.. I’ve been busy making Christmas cakes, Puddings , pickles etc  and getting through quite a lot of dried and citrus fruits.. some times using the zest and others just need the juice..

I like to try and not waste ingredients and it struck me that you can only do so much with juiced orange shells. This reminded me of the cake recipe where a whole orange is used, which by the way is very delicious. I then remembered a vintage cookery book I was given a long while back on Breads ..and sure enough I found an idea for a Bread recipe.

Tweaked and updated..but using a whole orange !!

here we go!!

you will need a 2lb loaf tin..

1lb    (450g) strong white Bread flour

2 teaspoon salt (10ml )

1oz  (25g)   caster sugar   plus one teaspoon to mix with the yeast

15ml dried yeast.. = 1 level tablespoon plus quarter pint ((150ml) warm water at , blood warm thats all..not hot!and that teaspoon sugar.. mix the yeast sugar and water and leave to go frothy..doesn’t take long..

or 1   7gsachet easy blend quick yeast..with water and sugar

1 beaten egg

1 whole orange..minced or chopped finely in a processor

6oz ( 175g) dried fruits..    I used jumbo raisins and cranberries

one and a half teaspoon ground cinnamon

vanilla essence or paste..  to taste


sieve the flour and cinnamon into a bowl, add the salt and the dried fruits, sugar. add the dissolved yeast mix, also the beaten egg and the orange pulp..

mix all together to form a softish may need extra flour or may need to loosen with a little juice..depends on the flour.

Mix in a stand mixer with dough hook until smooth and firm or turn out and knead by hand.

form into a ball and place dough into a lightly oiled bowl cover with cling film and leave in a warm place until dough is doubled in size .

at this point remove dough onto a lightly floured board and knock back and knead for a couple minutes.

Shape dough to fit into a lightly oiled 2lb (990g) loaf tin..

cover tin with some lightly oiled cling film or inside a plastic bag which has been oiled, leave in a warm place till dough rises to the top of the tin..

remove the plastic bag/film and bake in a fairly hot oven 200c ( 400F ) mark 5 for 45 – 50 minutes. Please adjust accordingly for fan ovens.. my oven I can reduce recipe times by about 15 minutes.. just keep a careful eye open..

Cook till well browned and the base sounds hollow do this turn out the bread from tin and tap the bottom of the loaf.

When done turn out onto a cake rack while hot , brush the top of the loaf with a wet pastry brush that’s been dippen in honey or a sugar syrup..or with melted butter..

when cool slice and enjoy, for an extra treat spread with good butter and enjoy some Marmalade or lemon curd !



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