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Irish Cream …Creme Custard..

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If you like creamy custard then this is for you..with a gorgeous flavour of Baileys Irish Cream liquer added to give it a special hint of luxury..

This is an ideal recipe to make ,especially handy if you have egg yolks to use up and some double cream (heavy) to add to it.

Also great as a base for many type of desserts.. just let your imagination run riot here..I used a small circle of sponge cake ,added to the bottom of an individual serving glass..Soak the sponge cake in some more baileys, or perhaps coffee.. then added a spoon of homemade Dulce de leche..topped with the custard and sprinkle with crushed meringue..then drizzled with more dulce de Leche..jams'n'pans Baileys cream custard dulce de lecheIf you’re super organised you can use the egg whites to make your own meringue..

variations of liquer ..could be whiskey, coffee, Tia maria, disaronno etc etc..

Irish Cream Custard

250ml whole milk
3 egg yolks
50g caster sugar
2  heaped teaspoons cornflour
Bring the milk to a boil and then remove from heat
Whisk the egg yolks , sugar and cornflour in a food mixer till very thick and creamy..
then slowly add the hot milk and combine well ..
then put this mix back into saucepan , and return to a low heat, and stir constantly while custard thickens..
remove from heat, let cool slightly and then add 4 dessertspoons of Irish cream/Baileys.. let cool..
whisk 200ml of double cream till thick..and then add the irish cream custard and combine..
variations for liquer..
espresso coffee, whisky, or another complementary flavour..

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