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Orange 44 Marmalade…

I love the European Liquer Orange 44, its such a classic.

Take an Orange, or in my case some kumquats. Stud it with 44 coffee beans, put in a clean bottle with 44 sugar cubes,vodka,  and leave to infuse for a couple of months. I made some for Christmas..and then promptly forgot about it. However it is now Marmalade season ,and I came across my bottle of Orange 44.. a happy find!

So removed the kumquats, and the coffee beans..and used them to make some Marmalade ,together with the wonderful dark bitter Seville Marmalade Oranges from Spain..when you make marmalade you use a little muslin tied up with the pips and extract all the wonderful Pectin that you I added about 20 odd slightly crushed coffee beans to the bag..and infused the bag through the whole cooking process..

8oz Kumquats, Seville Oranges..3 tablespoon lemon juice.  3lb sugar. 3 pints water

Prepare the fruit..

Wash the fruit, thinly slice the kumquats, removing any pips..reserving them

half the oranges and squeeze juice ,reserve , then quarter them and scoop out as much fleshy membrane and seeds as you can reserve the pips and pith, membrane to tie up in muslin and add to the preserving panThen slice as thinly and finely as possible the orange skins..and add to the juice, and kumquats..

So in pan, you have the muslin bag of pith and pips, orange and kumquat thinly sliced with the juice , add the water and slowly simmer on the heat to cook the orange peels, they need to be soft and translucent..the water will reduce down so don’t worry.

now add the sugar and slowly let it dissolve thoroughly , add the lemon juice and then bring it to a fast boil..

keep testing for your set after about 5 minutes of boiling switch off the heat and put a small spoonful of marmalade on a cold saucer..wait a few minutes and then test for the set..when you push it with your finger or spoon and it wrinkles,,then you have a perfect set..

switch off heat..let pan and contents settle for a few minutes..then add a few spoonfuls of the vodka…

then proceed to bottle up into warm clean jars..with clean lids..  warm jars will prevent  thermal shock and any  breakages,

Then transfer jars to a Hot water Bath..  a big pan of boiling water with a trivet at the bottom..make sure  jars are covered by water by about two inches.. Bring to a rapid boil and then then time  for 10 minutes..a slug of vinegar in water will prevent  hard water scale.

Remove jars     and  let cool, place them on a folded tea towel, again to prevent thermal shock..let cool  and label…..jams'n'pans seville kumqaut vodka marmalade


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