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Quince Apple & Pear Mincemeat..Cherry Brandy ~ Suet Free

jams'n'pans apple quince pear mincemeat

A fabulous moist fruity ,fat free Mincemeat for Christmas ( or any time really ! ) Last year I experimented with a Plum and Apple fat free recipe, this year I was fortunate enough to be given a huge bag of quinces and Storm windfall Pears..I had this in mind particularly for a Coeliac friend as commercial suet ( in UK ) is coated with wheat flour..

Apple Quince and Pear Mincemeat ~ suet free

1KG mixed fruits.. peeled and cored weight..All fruits grated, I used a food processor.

2x 500 g Packets Luxury dried fruit.. this has peel, cherry pineapple. raisins , sultana etc.. but you can put your own mixture of fruits in..totalling that weight.

250g Dark Brown Sugar..

300 ml Apple Juice..

2 oranges..zest and some carton juice to add moisture..probably used about a quarter of the carton as extra juice..

2 dessertspoon pomegranate molasses

2 teaspoons tamarind Paste

3 teaspoons mixed spice

half teaspoon ground coriander

half teaspoon ground allspice

half teaspoon ground ginger

some ground nutmeg

half teaspoon salt

100g Flaked Almonds

Alcohol to flavour at the end of cooking ..I used a few tablespoons of Cherry Brandy..

Soak the fruits overnight in the juice..

Next day in a pan, put the fruits, sugar,nuts spices etc ..add some orange juice to give enough moisture for gentle simmering..

cook slowly so fresh fruit cooks may need to keep adding orange juice..

When the mixture is thick and syrupy and the dried fruits swollen..and the mixture has a little juice ..takes about an hour, stop cooking ,add alcohol at this point, and bottle up into clean jam jars and then put clean lids on..

The sealed jars need processing in a Hot water Bath… put warmed jars in a pan of warm to hot water, add a couple of spoons of vinegar, and this will stop the hard water scale on the jars..if that happens it can be wiped off with vinegar soaked kitchen towel….so they sit on a rack off the bottom of pan, but have two inches of water above the tops of lids..Bring the water up to a rolling boil and time for 30 minutes..

Remove jars from water , place on a folded towel on counter top..and let cool down..clean jars if necessary and then label and store.


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