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Nutella Almond Amaretti Meringue Tart

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Nutella & Almond Amaretti Meringue Tart

1 x 9inch loose bottom tart tin

1 quantity of shortcrust pastry to line the above tin..

150g Crushed Italian Amaretti Biscuits 150g Ground almomds 80g caster sugar (superfine ?)

3 egg whites 250g Nutella chocolate spread

Line tart tin with not need to prebake this pastry..

Spread the nutella over the pastry base

Whisk the egg whites till firm, gently fold in sugar, mix again.

Gently fold in almonds and crushed biscuits.

When combined ,pile the meringue mixture onto the top of the nutella in the tart.

Bake in moderate oven ..180c gas mark 4 till pastry cooked and the meringue is nice and golden..I think mine took about 25mins..I have a fan oven which is pretty fierce. please just keep an eye open on your pastry tart.


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