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Kiwi Lime Coconut & Rum….

I used 200g peeled ( about 4 kiwi ) and chopped kiwi and 150mls lime juice and finely grated zest of two small limes. did not sieve as wanted to see the seeds, but you do need to puree it, with a fork or stick blender!..cook curd mix till end add 6 dessertspoons dessicated coconut and about half a capful/bottle top of Rum from the bottle.


Gently cook fruit in juice or water till soft. Press through a sieve and collect the juice and scrape off the thicker mush under the sieve. Discard the pressed berries still in the sieve.If the collected juice is too thick add just a little more liquid.

Now in a double boiler, or a glass bowl over a pan of hot water on a medium heat on the hob, ,put the juice in the bowl with the 300grams sugar..4 beaten eggs and 250g butter.

Keep stirring until the mixture thickens the back of your stirring spoon, this can take up to 20’nt walk away..stay with it and keep stirring, you dont want scrambled eggs..Remember this should and will thicken as the butter will set when cool and the eggs will thicken it..You should be able to tell when it is thick enough and remove from the heat.

When it is thicker and ready,like a custard, I sometimes put a little alcoholic liquer into the mix before potting, not too much!!! as you dont want to thin down the mix too much.

Pot in a clean warm sterilised jar and put clean lid on. When cool store in the fridge.

I love making curds and playing with the ingredients. Such a useful recipe for cake making or adding into buttercream icings , or on ice cream etc etc..ENJOY

This has a short shelf life..keep in fridge and use within one to three weeks.Once opened use within one week.


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