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Caramelised Shallot/Onion /Garlic Pasta

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I just love putting my Caramelised Onions with Port and Thyme on my thought I would try them on Pasta..
As I did’nt have any Caramelised onions ready to hand, which is very unusual for me ..I had to caramelise some in the pan..added some thyme, and Black Garlic (optional)..and finished off with some Marsala wine and a touch of sour cream make sauce like and easy to mix through the cooked Pasta.. so delicious!! Top with grated Pecorino,or parmesan..what ever is liked…

Caramelised Shallot and Garlic Pasta

about 8 large Banana shaped shallots..sliced lengthways .

2 large cloves of garlic crushed and chopped

about 2 tablespoons olive oil..

I also used 3 cloves Black garlic..which is aged white garlic . The cloves become black and jellylike and taste sweet ,and balsamicy..This is entirely can always add extra garlic ,or add onion to the shallots if liked.If you like caramelised onions..add some to the mix anyways to make it go a bit further..

Marsala wine…(or sherry )

3 tablespoon soured cream

Fresh thyme

Salt and pepper

Pecorino cheese, or parmesan…plus some cheddar cheese… or whatever cheese is liked..

slowly cook in a frying pan over the lowest possible heat for about 30 mins , so that they become gooey and caramelised..

Then add 2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar, and some fresh thyme..remove from heat and then add the wine and cream, mix to combine.

In a pan , cook some pasta of your choice..I used a packet of Rigatoni..

Cook and drain.

Put back in hot pan and then stir the shallot mixture through the pasta to combine the mixture evenly.add some more thyme for taste and colour. serve from Pan or put into serving dish..Sprinkle with cheese..



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  1. Sounds amazing! Found you at Foodie Friends Friday!

  2. Thank you for sharing this on Foodie Friends Friday. I love pasta and this sounds delicious.

    Joanne/Winelady Cooks


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