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Baileys Tart with Coconut milk and Vanilla

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Coconut,Baileys,Vanilla Custard Tart

You will need 1 part baked/blind short crust pastry tart… using paper and baking beans..

1 x 9 inch loose bottom Tart Tin

For the custard

One pint of liquid…half coconut milk and half regular milk, I use full fat milk. not quite a pint then make up to the one pint with Baileys liquer..

35g Cornflour…140g Caster sugar (superfine USA ?? ) 4 eggs thoroughly beaten. Vanilla to taste.. I used vanilla paste as you get the lovely flecks..which i like to see..Essence or vanilla pod could be used instead..

In a basin Use some of the cold milk mix to mix with the cornflour and sugar and vanilla ..mix till smooth.

In a saucepan..heat the milk mixture but do not boil.

Add the hot milk to the basin and whisk well, add the eggs and whisk really well..At this point , it can be sieved if wished.. for myself I did..

Return the complete mix to the sauce pan, whisking really thoroughly all the time until it just starts to thicken.remove from heat, whisk again….let cool a while.

pour into the pastry tart tin.. I always put my pastry tart tin onto a baking sheet before filling as it makes for steadier moving to the oven and removal from oven.

Carefully take to oven…middle shelf

Think it was gas mark 4 or 5.. cook gently until the custard is just set and pastry edges are nice and golden ..custard should have a slight wobble!!Times will vary due to ovens…just keep an eye so that custard does’nt colour too much! As its egg custard you need a gentle heat not a blast..

Best eaten on day of making.. and enjoy


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