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Nutty Tart…

This is a recipe devised by myself to include some hazelnuts and Nutella, My son is a Nutella fiend!! It came out really well..Please read note about the Speculoos spread ( european ) as more Nutella can be used or a mix of spreads..something that you can buy locally or grind up some nice biscuits and add those…

Nutty Tart

You will need 1 pastry case part baked blind..(short crust Pastry) i.e pastry put in tart tin ,pricked, covered in baking paper and ceramic beans used to weigh down. bake for 10 mins and then remove baking beans/beads.

Mix 1 small tub of creme fraiche with 2 beaten eggs, 2 tablespoon of Nutella and 2 tablespoons of Speculoos.

No extra sugar needed as the two spreads are very sweet

Speculoos is a brand of spread..made from caramelised biscuits/cookies..If this is unobtainable use extra nutella or maybe another spread, or crush some biscuits and add to the mix.

Have ready some toasted chopped hazelnuts ( about 4 handfuls of hazelnuts and 1 handful almonds,) and slivered almonds, just dry fry in a pan for a few seconds

tip into a bowl and drizzle with maple syrup..reserve to one side.

Pour the creme fraiche/spread custard into the pastry tart and bake in a gentle oven until just set, then sprinkle the nut mixture over the top, add some chocolate chips also and then put back into the oven for another 10 minutes..

Remove from oven and let cool.Drizzle with a litlle extra Maple syrup.

Nice served with a portion of creme fraiche


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