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Mini Fig and Orange cointreau Tartlets

Mini Creamy tartlets topped with made as individual tarts or mini ones. Absolutely perfect for dessert or on the buffet or Party table.. These were such a hit here, with instructions to make again!!!

Mini Fig and Orange /cointreau /ginger tarts

You will need some shortcrust sweet pastry either home made or shop bought and roll out and make some mini pastry tart cases, bake blind till cooked through and let cool down.About 12..

For the creme filling, you will need one small tub of mascarpone 250g ….mix one and a half tablespoon marmalade,and some finely chopped glace orange, or glace peel, mix together until the mascarpone thickens you may need a touch of sugar to sweeten..personal preference here.

6 fresh figs quartered. about 4 tablespoons of cointreau..about 6 of orange juice. Add some sliced stem ginger in syrup, about 1 piece and some syrup from the jar. cook all gently, just for a few minutes as you want the figs to hold their shape, not collapse. remove figs from juice and let cool. Heat the remaining juice in pan until it thickens,,then let cool.

When ready put the orange mascarpone mix into the pastry shells, arrange some figs ,2 pieces on each top and drizzle the syrup on.

To decorate I used apricot fruit leather cut into circles and flaked almonds..but use whatever you have to hand to complement the flavours..


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