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Savoury leek and vegetable Pithivier

Savoury Pithivier( French Pie )..Leek,sweet potato ,cheese and Ham

Thinly slice 2 leeks and gently fry off in a little butter. You just want them soft..not crispy.

Add 1 cooked sweet potato that has been diced in small pieces.

Add 1 cup cooked diced ham..

gently fry all together..add about 1 teaspoon of honey and some chopped rosemary..and whatever blend of spices you may like.. I used 1 teapoon of a mixed blend that had tomato ,garlic etc.

Allow to cool. Mix 1/2 cup cream cheese to bind and 1 cup grated cheddar cheese.

Mean while , prepare two circles of puff pastry. One circle must be about 2 inches wider. This will be the top piece and accomodate the pile of vegetable filling.

Put your smaller circle on a baking sheet. Moisten around the edge with water. In the midde pile the veg /meat filling neatly, try and keep the edge clear by about an inch and a half! Now put the bigger circle on top, coming down neatly over the filling and smoothing it gently into place and sealing the edge. The top sheet may be a little bigger, so now go round the edge and make a decorative edge. you can see from the picture of the finished pie the score lines. On the top you can score again, going round in a circle.

Brush the pie with milk or an egg wash to get a lovely finished glaze.

bake in a medium oven till the pastry is cooked and browned nicely


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