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Roasted spicy Fig Tart

Roasted Spiced Fig and Apricot Tart

This is a case of making 3 elements seperately and then assembling them when you’re ready to serve.

You need a Pastry Tart case..already cooked ,baked blind OR a shop bought one..

Filling..6 oz cream cheese…6oz creme fraiche 3 tablesp icing sugar ( confectioners sugar)

However you can choose to use whatever filling you like..or have some additions that would complement the fruit topping. Today i’m going to chop some walnuts and add to the filling.Mix together well and put to one side ready for assembly.


I had 6 fresh figs and 6 apricots..this does not need to be need enough to put on the top of the tart..

In a small saucepan put 1 cup Ruby Port

3 star anise

2 sticks cinnamon

1 table spoon whole black peppers.. I used Pink today..

2 strips orange zest and a squeeze of juice

1/4 cup granulated white sugar

1 tablespoon honey

2 vanilla pods halved… if this is too expensive , sub with some powdered cinnamon..

just warm through very gently on a low heat on the hob..

In a roasting tin put the halved fruit and the syrup and then roast gently in the oven, Not too long as you want the fruit to stay whole.

i removed the fruit to a dish and then put the syrup back in the sauce pan to reduce down to a syrup..

Remove the spices from the syrup this stage you might need to adjust the amount or the thickness. test for sweetness too. If the syrup is too could heat it up before serving and add a little arrowroot mixed with cold water and then cook to get it thicker…let cool a wee bit and then top the fruit..

I admit I let my syrup reduce down too much and had to add some port and then play around with it to get it right..

Let the fruit and syrup cool down..put to one side.

When you’re ready..Assemble. get your tart case ready on its serving plate… Add the cream filling in to the base and smooth over.You could use a piping bag to fill the tart if you’re going for a special look, but hey No extra work today please!

Arrange the fruit attractively on the top of the Tart and the drizzle the syrup over the fruit…et VOILA !!


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