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RedCurrant and Chambord Curd

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This is another variation on a curd recipe..I had a small bowl of redcurrants from the garden..not really enough to make much with. Certainly not I adapted the lemon curd recipe..
300g berries. cooked with 150ml water and then pressed through a sieve and juice collected.
In a bain marie, i used a glass bowl sitting over a pan of gently boiling water, melt 250g butter, when melted add the fruit juice and 250g caster (suerfine sugar) and 5 very well whisked eggs. Stir the mixture well and keep whisking well over the hot water, do not leave it you have to stay with it, until it thickens…to coat the back of a spoon. Do not over cook you do not want scrambled eggs. Remove from heat allow to cool slightly and then add 2 tablespoon of Chambord liquer..Pot up into warm clean dry sterilised jam jars and seal with clean lids.
This will keep in the fridge unopened for 4 weeks, once opened still store in fridge and use with 1 week..

A lovely jar of PINK DELIGHT and so many uses..desserts, cakes,sponge cakes, mixed in buttercream,on ice cream etc etc..Really lovely!!!


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